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Trucks Boats and Dragons!

Boats, Trucks and Dragons

-Lucys first blog

Well, when they say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you will do in your life they weren’t wrong. Try doing it to another country. Then with animals. During a deadly global pandemic and with a time restraint because of shifting political landscapes.

Yes friends, this is the exact time WE chose to move house, but why would anyone want to make life easy when you can chuck everything in the Fuck it Bucket, throw caution to the wind and become a truck pirate!

It’s a very liberating feeling having everything you own in a 4x4 ready to hit the road, our main sadness is at having to leave behind little Megatron, but she’ll be with us very soon (we are counting down the days till Oct 22nd!)

For now, by land and by sea we shall be Rebelling across the continent, doing Yoga and Vlogs along the way for your viewing pleasure!

We finally hit the road on Friday 25th September with Colin tucked safely on my lap and head on down to Portsmouth to get our very high and full to the brim (all 2700kg!) Shogun onto a ferry heading for Caen. Our truck is 25 years old and no matter how much work Sid did to it (and he did A lOT), you never know for sure if it’ll make it and its sods law that the thing will fall apart like a clown car 10 mins into France. That said, after a 30hr journey and nearly 1200km, the old girl is thriving as we are safely at destination number 1! In the Rhone valley about 1 hour south of Lyon lies Saint Jean-De Muzols, which is tucked beneath the vine cover hills bursting with Hermitage wine (BINGO!) Man its picturesque here (head over to @zenrebeladventure to get the gist on Instagram- maybe give it a follow while your there!)

When we started planning the route we are taking through Europe we noticed 2 things. 1- That when you look at the route on a map it forms a question mark and 2- That we are hitting at the main wine areas. Happy Coincidence? Some of the most wonderful wines in the world are found here and we look forward to slurping out way through a few over the next couple of days before heading to just outside Carcassonne in southern France, just above the Spanish boarder where we will spend 1 night before heading through the Pyrenes and into San Sebastian for our first stop in Spain.

One thing that has comes up a few times is how many people ask “how are you feeling about it all- it’s such a big thing” and if I’m honest, I think Sid and I are both in Shock! The week running up to Leaving Day went by so quickly and were so full of emotional goodbyes, wine and work that when we finally got on the road, I don’t think our cognitive functions kicked in for over an hour (NB- Jury is out on whether Lucy’s have actually returned)

So for now whenever one of us looks out of the window for just that little bit too long, the other yells “ADVENTURE” and that gets us on the same page. That’s the truck pirate way…

Truck Pirate Monthly – By Sid

Jack White is Great.

We would also like to give shout out to our Patrons who help fund this massive adventure and future Eco Project! If you would like to become a Patron then just head over to and check out what we have to offer!

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