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4 Things you need to do when moving to another country!

4 things you need to do when you move to another country!

You’re probably wondering how Lucy and Sid are moving to Portugal. What with Corona and Brexit most of our dreams of moving to a hot, beautiful destination have dissolved as quickly as the English summer. Moving abroad is still possible, though. And Lucy and Sid are here as willing guinea pigs to show the rest of us how it’s done!

There have been some exciting developments for Zen Rebel Adventure this week, including the chance for you to try one of the upcoming Zen Rebel yoga classes, but more about that later.

How to prepare to move to another country

The last few weeks have been jam-packed for the couple. Both making money wherever they can. This has meant utilising old and learning new skills that could literally take them anywhere on this beautiful earth.

But what are the steps to explore the world?

1. Choose your perfect destination.

Did you know Lucy and Sid are on their four week count-down to leaving the UK? They’ve been very busy! They’ve known for years that Portugal was their ideal destination; the ocean, mountains, the welcoming people, the fascinating culture, good food and wine. There are, however, other attractions for this conscious couple too, such as how much the country values and works towards sustainability.

Choosing your perfect destination is like choosing a partner, it has to suit your values, not just be pretty, right?

Interesting fact: Portugal was ranked the third most peaceful country on the Global Peace Index in 2019 (the UK came in at 45).

2. Learn new skills

Along with Sid learning how to make his first “how-to” video (keep an eye out for their future vlog), the couple have been in creation mode.

If you’re moving to a new destination and you’re on a budget then developing new skills is highly beneficial. It’s a great way of sharing your talents and is a source of trade.

Sid’s future videos will teach us how to do all sorts of clever things, like turning wood into electrified nibble boards, or more scary things like how to slice the edges of truck racks so you don’t damage any trees while you’re on the move. Yes, he’s actually done that this week.

Lucy, on the other hand, has been setting up the new Zen Rebel shop. Soon you’ll be able to buy hoodies, tank tops, and flip-flops all made from ethical organic cotton, oh, and even biodegradable phone covers! (Watch this space.)

3. Minimise

I know, it’s so hard to do. Getting rid of that pair of trousers you haven’t worn since 2003 and that dolphin trinket you bought at the seaside when you were seven with all your pocket money.

According to The Psychologist, “our things embody our sense of self-hood and identity still further, becoming external receptacles for our memories, relationships and travels”.[i]

But you need to let go! Minimise. Subscribe to Zen Rebel Adventure Instagram page to keep track of the bits and bobs that they’re selling, so you can get first dibs. But make sure you sell or send to charity all your old un-used bits first.

Along with this, Lucy and Sid are replacing. Out with old, in with the “new” (they’re all about “reduce, reuse, recycle”). You must check out their gorgeous retro Le Creuset whistle kettle on Instagram. Only cost a tenner! Following them on Instagram gives you great tips on where and how to find bargains.

The couple have invested in a new roof top tent, by Ventura tents, which they’ll be testing out the night before the Zen Rebel yoga class that you’re about to be invited to…

4. Sell your skills and expertise

Do you have a trade?

It helps.

Sid is a carpenter by trade and can pretty much make anything. Honestly, I’m sick with jealousy, although saying that the thought of picking up a saw or any electrical whizzing tool terrifies me. Lucy, is a qualified Yogini, Ayurvedic massage therapist and is starting a 4 year diploma to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner in a couple of weeks!- Like she doesn't already have enough going on!

Their skills and talents were developed from innate interests that they have spent years working on and becoming great at. Their interests have become skills have become a lifestyle.


One example is the Zen Rebel approach to exercise. Lucy runs every day and her favourite running spot has a little bridge. There she’ll stop for a mini yoga session. Yoga can literally be dropped in at any time of the day. The best bit? Health research backs it up, the European Society of Cardiology reported this week how “yoga [is] linked with improved symptoms in heart patients”.[ii]

And something that’s really special about the couple and their lifestyle?

They share:

*Blog Exclusive*

Throughout September and October, Lucy will be teaching her online classes live from a different venue. The first of these #yogaontheroad classes comes from Somerset' Oldest Cider house..Tucker’s Grave. It’s the perfect destination for yoga. Smack-bang in the middle of the countryside. Due to social distancing requirements, there is a maximum capacity of 5 participants, so head over to the online classes page to get booking!.

The Zen Rebel yoga class at Tucker’s Grave starts on Sunday 6th September at 10am.

Are you thinking about the weather?

You can watch Lucy’s run and yoga session on the Zen Rebel Adventure Instagram a page – follow today!

5. Say a cheerful farewell and big thank you - to everyone!

It goes without saying, you might be heading towards a new life, but you’re leaving old places and family and friends behind.

The big departure for Zen Rebel Adventure is four weeks away. Lucy and Sid have been visiting their new favourite places! Wolf Wines in Bath, to have a last taste of their delicious wine. The couple are now doing the rounds – it’s taking a while because of the social distancing requirements –, but they’re turning farewells into enviable celebrations filled with charcuterie, cheeses, olives and wine, and more… wine, of course. Oh yes, and all their favourite people.

The next two weeks are going to be even more rammed. And it will be filled with tips to inspire you. Grab your popcorn, readers!

To keep up with all the tips, fun and adventure, follow Zen Rebel Adventure on Instagram and subscribe to the blog today!

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