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How to Live the Good Life!

How to live the good life!

Exciting times! Sid and Lucy are preparing for their Portuguese adventure. They’re off to their new life in six week’s time! The first leg of the journey will see them living in their truck. They currently live in a lovely caravan that Sid has gutted and turned into a deluxe work of art with his carpentry skills, so a little downsizing to fit into their Mitsubishi Shogun shouldn’t be too hard… should it?


What does it mean to live the good life?

Once in Portugal, they’re going to use their skills in carpentry, yoga and massage to turn a pocket of the world into their paradise. No need to feel envious! We’re all invited. Sid and Lucy are setting up an eco BnB /retreat centre and trust me, I’ve heard all the plans, it sounds heavenly. Watch this space for future photos and updates.

Zen Rebel is the couple’s brand but also a way of life. The best thing about Sid and Lucy’s venture is that being the community-minded people they are, anyone interested can holiday at the eco BnB or sign up to one of their highly reputed Zen Rebel Yoga retreats and get a taste of the good life. Oh and it is good – I hear the wine (yes, that’s right, yoga and wine) is some of the tastiest in the Algarve. Lucy’s a bit of a connoisseur, see.

This week, Lucy’s set up an Instagram page, @zenrebeladventure, so we can follow what they’re up to. Follow and subscribe today! You can keep up with their daily stories by clicking on their profile circle (top left of page). At the moment, you can watch all the preparations that come from such an inspiring life move.

A little about the creative couple

But where did it all start for the lovely couple? At the start of the week, Sid and Lucy celebrated their two year anniversary; you can see the gorgeous outfits, very cool sunshades and Lucy’s dazzling red hair on Instagram. They married in Portugal. This special moment only made them fall more in love with their future home. Moving to Portugal has been their life-long dream.

Finally, they’re taking their marriage to new heights – the dizzying heights of the mountains in the Algarve to be precise. What’s that saying about a couple that travels together…?

The talented couple work really hard using their skills and talents to fund their dream. There are lots of bits they need to buy to ensure they can live the good life in a sustainable way.

How can you make money as a creative?

Creatives are able to make money through vlogging, and through sites such as Patreon, which Sid and Lucy are signing up to. “Patrons” on the site can subscribe to their channel by paying as little or as much as they want to help fund creativity. Keep an eye out for the link when it becomes live.

Vlogging is obviously the new “big thing” and this too-cool-for-school couple are jumping on the band wagon, not that they have the foggiest about how to do it! (But when has that stopped them before? If you know Sid and Lucy, you’ll know they’re hungry to learn new skills and have chameleon blood.)

Lucy’s been particularly grateful to all her massage clients this week as the earnings has funded a GoPro Hero 7 so the couple can keep us up-to-date on their travels and guaranteed shenanigans (this is the previous landlady of The Wunderbar, this lady knows how to have fun). The fancy camera comes with lots of technological attachments that neither have a clue what to do with! It’s culminated in Lucy spending many hours annoying the hell out of Sid as she tinkered about making fuzzy videos.

This week’s highlights

It’s worth watching @zenrebeladventure Instagram videos this week just to see Lucy’s first run in four days – after hearing that she’s ran 100,000 km over the past year it was very satisfying to watch her panting and walking along the road trying the “run – walk – run – walk” method – (but we’ll let her off, she usually runs every day). Probably she was too busy thinking about the Dometic fridge that had just turned up for the couple’s truck. I have no idea how they intend to fit anything in a fridge that small, so it will be fun to watch that unfold!

The move to Portugal is going to cost, so Sid and Lucy are selling almost everything they own to raise money. The Volvo has gone and they have all sorts of bits to sell left over:

1. Mondial 125hps

2. Gorgeous trinkets from their home

3. Funky clothes

4. Fine boots

5. Potentially a very trendy red SMEG fridge!

Keep your eye on Instagram to see what’s for sale. And don’t haggle too much, folks, they need our support!

Along with selling all their bits, the couple need to rehouse their gorgeous bearded dragons, Colin and Pancake. They’re very attached to the dragons and I feel sad just thinking how they must feel about it. Luckily they’re able to take one pet with them, the cat, Megatron (who now sports a swanky EU passport!) Now I’m wondering if English cats and Portuguese cats make the same meowing noises or if they have accents too. Hopefully, Sid and Lucy will report back to us.

Final word

Towards the end the week, while Lucy indulged in a gorgeous new hairstyle, Sid kept himself busy electrifying wood (of course he did!). He has created Nibble Boards, which basically look like wooden chopping boards with a beautiful lightning bolt effect running through the wood. The Nibble Boards are available to buy at @zenrebeladventure on Instagram now. Go check them out!

Until next week, folks, keep living the zen rebel life.

“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life.” - Buddha

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