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The Fool Proof Check-List to moving abroad!

The fool-proof check-list to moving abroad!

You don’t want to forget anything if you’re moving abroad permanently. Imagine finding the perfect house, securing a job, learning the language and then realising too late that you don’t understand the tax requirements of the country you left. Eeeeek! It could financially affect your ability to live in the country you’ve moved to. Nightmare!

Want to know a secret?

Although it’s often ranked as one of the most stressful life events, it can be easy to move abroad. The trick is preparation and planning!

With Sid and Lucy’s fool-proof checklist you’ll master the Zen Rebel approach to moving. It’ll keep you cool, calm and creative!

The great thing about watching Sid and Lucy lead the way with their permanent move to Portugal is that we get to see it in action. And even better? There’s still just about time to sign up for a Zen Rebel massage or the final yoga nidra class this evening (13th September)! More on that later.

For now?

What is the Zen Rebel Adventure fool-proof check-list for moving abroad?

Lucy’s provided a 7 list check-list to make sure your adventure gets off to the best start!

  1. Don’t move during a world-wide pandemic!

Sounds obvious, right? Truth is, the pandemic is making things trickier with all the quarantine restrictions etc.

  1. Don’t cheap out and buy economy tickets for ferries because you might change your mind about your route.

If you book in advance (and if you’re prepared, you will), then there is a lot of time for things to change and for you to come up with new travel routes. For these guys including France in their trip worked out well as they have bagged the Commodore suit on their way over!

  1. Sell stuff you think you need. You probably won’t need it really.

If you find this hard, try putting your bits in a box beforehand, if you don’t open the box for a month, chances are you don’t need them.

  1. Safety check EVERYTHING.

You don’t want to lose essentials or for anything to break that needn’t have.

  1. Contact everyone who says, “Oh, I’ve got a mate who lives out that way” and get mingling!

Design your tribe before you fly! This is the best way of reassuring yourself that you’ve made the right decision, everything will be fine, and you’ll more quickly submerge into the local culture once you arrive. Plus, these are people that have done what your doing before and normally have helpful tips along the way too!

  1. Assign at least 80% of each day to call insurance companies and banks. You’ll spend most of that time on hold and then, a) tell them what’s happening and, b) to reinsure when you’re told you aren’t covered.

*after this move straight to number 7

  1. Buy more wine than usual!

[Note: It goes without saying that you’ll also want to check the tax and visa requirements for both the country you’re leaving and the one you’re moving to. You can do this on your government website.]

What else is important when you’re moving abroad?

If you’re moving abroad and you’re driving yourself, a comfortable, safe vehicle is essential. Sid and Lucy have a very big truck that Sid has spent hours and hours testing and upgrading for the 2000 mile journey.. They recently tested it and their Ventura tent by camping at the gorgeous, Tucker’s Grave, where Lucy ran the first Zen Rebel “Yoga on the road” session. It was a huge success. Yay! You can join in every sunday at 10am with Lucy with each class coming from a new venue. To take part, buy a ticket online.

One of the best things at Tucker’s Grave? The couple were able to try out the rooftop tent – literally, a tent that they attached to the top of the truck which they accessed via ladder. Check out the video of the couple setting it up on Instagram. For someone who doesn’t have a practical bone in their body, I found it mind-blowing!

Making the truck liveable has been high on the agenda. Lucy re-tinted the windows and the couple have built a custom truck kitchen. Soon, you’ll be able to see the finished interior that Sid and Lucy will have as they travel – so long as Megatron, Sid and Lucy’s pirate cat, hasn’t commandeered the entire vehicle! She is very happy with the new abode.

Aside from this, Lucy is working her butt off with the new Zen Rebel Adventure store where you will soon be able to buy lots of eco goodies.

From one place to another

Although watching Lucy’s daily jogging Instagram stories feels as though she’s pulling you down Camerton’s rabbit hole, it’s inspiring to see her use exercise as a method to stay fit, focused and prepared for the next part of hers and Sid’s life journey.

It’s the last couple of weeks for the couple to feed their chickens and to get all the carpentry jobs done

But it’ll all be worth it.

On Instagram, you’ll see a lovely photo of the couple 411 metres up Sao Miguel Hill in the Algarve.. Lucy’s arms are wrapped around Sid in the sweetest of moments (yes, the romance makes me absolutely gag in envy) and he’s looking at the camera completely content! Turns out it was the precious moment they decided to make the move to Portugal.

Fun fact: According to, Portugal was “once continental Europe’s greatest power”. ED- Another fun fact- the Fishing village Olhao behind us in the picture is where the portuguese sailed from the Brazil to tell the king it was safe to come back after they became independent and a replica of the tiny sail boat is on show 24/7!

Your last chance for a Zen Rebel Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Sid and Lucy are leaving on the 25th September! This is your last chance to get an ayurvedic yoga massage from Lucy before the couple leave!

Massages are available until September 22nd, so book now!

  • Table massage is £40 for 60 minutes

  • Futon massage is £50 for 60 minutes

  • £75 for full sequence - 90+ minutes

Take it from me, I’ve had one of Lucy’s long luscious massages and they’re worth every penny. She’ll knead out your knots and you’ll walk out with shaky legs!

Finally, if you’d really like to support Sid and Lucy on their life-changing adventure, you can make a real difference by becoming a Zen Rebel Adventure Patron. As a patron, you choose a membership tier to access discounted weekly yoga classes, meditations, money off future merch and Zen Rebel video diary. Go on! You know you want to support a good cause and you’ll have the additional benefit of keeping Zen Rebel fit from the comfort of your own home!

If yoga isn’t for you, there is an option to buy sid a beer once a month (he will probably need it!)

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move.” - Osho

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