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Treatments & Therapies

What we offer..

Whatever you need help with- we have a treatment to help you. below is a list of all our therapists and what they offer:

Chiropody- Feet1st for you

Hypnotherapy- Back In Tune Coaching & NLP cognitive Hypnotherapy

Reflexology- Lunar Holistic (and Feet1st4u)

Acupuncture- Resurgis Acupuncture

Psychotherapy- Laura Slaughter

Councelling- Claire Brimble

Ear Services- Clear2Hear

Massage Therapy- Ayurvedic Yoga massage with Lucy

Alcohol Support group- Every Monday 7pm- free to all who wish to stop drinking.

Treatments & Therapies

Natural Beauty Serum

"Let us help you shine on the outside as well as the inside..."

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