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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a deep tissue, full body massage using hands, arms, elbows and feet, mixed with breath work and assisted yogic stretches. Using sweet Almond Oil and Calmus powder (which doubles as an anti inflammatory, increases blood circulation and exfoliant) and leaves you feeling energised and relaxed. Lucy offers this treatment with the added heat of hot stones. By adding heat you can have treatments more regularly as recovery time is minimised. Treatments are not just about the physical for Lucy, each treatment is about getting to the root of issues and trying apply Ayurvedic principles to recovery.

Lucy is also trained in Yoga Nidra and offers Sleep sessions which are a mixture of head, face and shoulder massage followed by sound healing and 30 mins of sleep meditation.

Prices start at £50ph

For those who need regular massage you can buy massage in blocks or 6 or 12 at a discounted price below.

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